Education week at Heide Museum of Modern Art. Photograph: Jeremy Weihrauch

The Public Galleries Association of Victoria (PGAV) is the peak body representing over fifty art galleries and art museums across metropolitan and regional Victoria. Our role is to support, develop and promote public galleries in Victoria and within the national context.

Our vision

Is a vibrant, cohesive, professional network of public galleries across Victoria that deliver inspiring visual art experiences which are relevant and accessible to the whole community.

Our mission

Is to build and strengthen the capacity of public galleries in Victoria to deliver valuable cultural, social and economic returns to their communities. To achieve this mission we act as a broker between our members, the three-tiers of government, the private and philanthropic sectors, education and research institutions, the media and the community.

PGAV Supporters

The PGAV is supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria and we receive significant in-kind support from the National Gallery of Victoria.

The PGAV is an incorporated association governed by a Board of Management, which is elected by the membership.  The PGAV Board is comprised of 4 elected representatives from regional galleries, 4 elected representatives from metropolitan galleries, 1 representative from the NGV and 4 co-opted representatives who bring specialised skills and knowledge to the PGAV Board. 

Board members are elected for a term of two years, with a maximum tenure of two terms. The Board is elected by the membership at the Annual General Meeting, held in May each year.

 Education week at Heide Museum of Modern Art. Photograph: Jeremy Weihrauch
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