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Subliminal Stories and other Photographs

Subliminal Stories and other photographs, option 3

Subliminal Stories and other Photographs

7 Nov 2019 - 30 Nov 2019

Through photography, the exhibition shares an experience that artist David Trout has captured from his life.  The artist found it is an act of the sublime, sitting in a train sixteen thousand kilometres from where he lives. 

The rushing frames of people and places, unseen. Distorted through the lens, yet enough colour, grey and shape to construct or deconstruct the cursory moments a traveller confronts, away from the tourist spots others diligently photograph.

Image: David Trout, Winter Garden, photograph

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Walker Street Gallery
Corner Walker and Robinson Streets 
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T: 9706 8441
E: walkerstgallery@cgd.vic.gov.au
W: greaterdandenong.com/arts

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