Sarah is a passionate and strong arts-advocate.  She serves on a State Government Regional Partnership Board appointed by the Minister and as Project Owner of the pilot-program for a Regional Creative Industries Strategy.  This has relevance for public galleries across the state.  She is an experienced board member, having been Secretary of NETS Victoria and the Victorian Cultural Indemnification Scheme Advisory Board.  Sarah has successfully initiated a Masterplan by Denton-Corker-Marshall for a visionary new architectural building –warranted by Hamilton Gallery’s exhibition program and $25million collection.  In over a decade of public gallery directorships she has led a Commonwealth collection, and was Deputy Director, Art Gallery of Ballarat.  She has curated significant exhibitions on noted Australian artists including Rick Amor, Patricia Piccinini, John Wolseley and Ah Xian.  Sarah has been Unit Lecturer, Arts-Management for The University of Melbourne where she has undertaken a PhD in art history, completed museum studies and a Masters in Writing.