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Landscapes - Georgia Szmerling


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Georgia Szmerling, Not titled (Pin Work #3 Fan), 2014, digital, 21 x 29 cm

Landscapes - Georgia Szmerling

2 May 2020 - 6 Jun 2020

This exhibition reflects multidisciplinary artist Georgia Szmerling’s fascination and ongoing research with landscape. From her richly textured and highly coloured paintings, we are drawn in by the linear contours that make these works so lively. Szmerling’s photographs capture the same fulsome vistas although the treatment of the subject in Photoshop often imbues an altogether calmer mood to the subject.

To complement her oeuvre, Szmerling brings together a group of striking and evocative works by Arts Project artists who share her affinity with nature and take their creative cues from the landscape, including Anthony Romagnano, Anne Lynch, Alan Constable, John Bates, Julian Martin, Shoshanna Brott, Robyn Doherty, Ruth Howard, Paul Hodges, Matt Gove, Lygin, and Paul Hodges.

Image: Georgia Szmerling, Not titled (Pin Work #3 Fan), 2014, digital, 21 x 29 cm. 

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